It is the intention of the company to achieve the following key objectives:

  • To be a highly professional organisation providing unique risk management services as well as improved claims settlement procedure.
  • To achieve a leadership position in the market within the shortest possible time in line with the company's strategic focus.
  • To consistently exploit the under-developed areas of the market by creating innovative products to meet customers' needs.
  • To continuously motivate and enhance the quality of the company's human resources through the development of a well articulated training and welfare program.
  • To be a highly profitable organisation that would consistently provide satisfactory returns on investment for our shareholders

To achieve these objectives, we have assembled a vibrant and purposeful management team made up of highly experienced and result-oriented professionals who are fully poised and determined to contribute meaningfully towards the upliftment of insurance practice in Nigeria. We are also fully computerised and maintain a good cash reserve for claims settlement.